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NIRS and WISE/Amsterdam are affiliated international organizations working for a nuclear-free, environmentally-sound, sustainable future. We are anti-nuclear and pro-renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. To achieve our goals, we use a variety of strategies and tactics. We educate, organize and mobilize; we produce and distribute high-quality written and visual materials; we engage in campaigns and non-violent direct actions; we participate in lawsuits, interventions and other legal activities; we work to persuade the media, policymakers, opinion makers and the public of our beliefs and goals.


*** NEWS ***

International consortium funds project to make disaster site safe - Jan 13, 2003
Police Seize Radioactive Trees - Dec 29, 2002
Ukrainian nuclear plant workers under investigation for using fake diplomas to get jobs (AP) - Oct 10, 2002
Nuclear scientists vow to never sell enriched uranium to odious regimes - Oct 10, 2002
General Prosecutor's Office Brought Criminal Case Against Officials of "Energoatom" - Oct 9, 2002
Energoatom Denies Availability Of False Diplomas Of Rivne NPP Workers - Oct 8, 2002
Police Discover Ten Workers Of Rivne Nuclear Power Plant Have False Diplomas - Oct 7, 2002
Correction: Murdered Activist Not Central to K2R4 Litigation - Oct 7, 2002
Correction: Public Committee For State Security Lawsuit Continues! - Oct 7, 2002
K2R4 Nuclear Plant Opposition Group Leader Murdered in Kiev - Oct 3, 2002


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