Lawyer Says Activists Murder Not Linked to Antinuclear Work


October 7, 2002


KYIV, Ukraine -- Alexei Tolkachov, the chairperson of the Public Committee for State Security, has said that the murder of Ruslan Syniavskyi was probably unrelated to Syniavskyis groups involvement in antinuclear work in Ukraine. Tolkachov told NIRS WISE Ukraine that Syniavskyi, while being a leader of the environmental non-governmental organization Public Control, was not working on the groups legal campaign against the completion of Ukraines controversial reactors at Khmelnytskyi and Rivne (K2R4). Tolkachov also said that Syniavskyi was a private businessman.


The Public Committee for State Security, meanwhile, takes its case to court today. Representing several groups, lawyers for will argue that the state nuclear monopoly Energoatom, did not conduct proper studies of the environmental and safety impacts of the K2R4 units.


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